This page may be used as a quick reference to the official restrictions that govern our neighborhood. This is not a comprehensive list. Each restriction listed corresponds with an official restriction as written in the Declaration of Restrictions or any amendments made since.

Note: The legally binding and enforceable restrictions are listed in the Declaration of Restrictions or any amendments made to it. The items listed below are a summary, and should only be used as a guide. Please refer to the official documents for clarification.

Section 7D: Campers, trailers, boats, or similar vehicles shall be parked no longer than one night on any street
or lot in the development unless it is completely obsured from view of other homeowners.
Section 3C: All new fence and storage shed installations must be approved by the Board.
An Architectural Improvement application form must be completed.
Section 6: All mailboxes and posts must match the approved design in color, lettering and size.
Section 3H: Lots must be mowed and clean of debris, weeds, or other unsightly vegetation.
Section 5: Yard lights must always be working and on from dusk to dawn.
Section 7B: No signs or advertisements (except real estate signs) shall be displayed on any lot.